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Regardless of size, industry, or business status, the first step to an exemplary workplace is effective human resource management. Our mission at Open Desk is to streamline information gathering and provide vital support to your organization’s HR teams.

We provide Comprehensive Background Screenings and Incident Management & Investigations for your organization. Whether you need us twice per year or twice per day, Open Desk is committed to creating safe, compliant workplaces, built to reduce risk and maximize productivity within your organization. 

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Safe Workplaces
Regulatory Compliance
Employee Satisfaction
Employee Retention
Risk Reduction
Accelerated Hiring

Client Testimonial

“We partnered with Open Desk in 2019 for background screenings for employment and some volunteer positions. Most screenings are completed within 24 hours, assisting the employee with a smooth onboarding process. The staff are courteous and thorough in their communication, especially when we need further information on a background screening. I highly recommend Open Desk for any organization needing screenings for their employees and volunteers.”

Director of Human Resources, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Employees and businesses thrive in
well-managed workplaces.

Open Desk’s in-house research team is proud to offer
fully customizable solutions to drive compliance, engagement, and community within your organization.

Did You Know?

Employee engagement results in higher productivity, increased retention and 21% higher profitability.
Gallup, Inc. (2018)

From small to midsize companies, or even Fortune 500s, our scalable data solutions will meet your organization’s needs.

Empower your HR Processes. Choose Open Desk.

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