decision-making starts
with verified information.


All Businesses Deal in Data.

Informed companies have a clear, competitive edge for creating and executing successful business strategies.

Knowledge is power. While most businesses recognize the need for quality information, conducting research in-house is incredibly time-consuming, costly and labor intensive. Let Open Desk provide what you need without significant staff dedication, labor costs and memberships to countless data providers. 

Open Desk provides accessible solutions.
Whether you’re looking to launch a new product, vet providers, or simply gather significant market data, we will be there to help you along the way.


Competitor Intelligence
Market Analysis
Customer Surveys
Product Research
Reputation Management

Open-source intelligence provides powerful insights into understanding your competition, tracking emerging trends, and staying ahead of potential losses through strategic planning. Open Desk delivers the most relevant information regarding employees, suppliers, contractors, and potential acquisition partners. 

Did You Know?

88% of respondents trust word-of-mouth recommendations over paid advertisements.
Source: Nielsen: Trust in Advertising Study (2021)

The Open Desk Team supplies your business with custom products and solutions, proven to be invaluable to organizations nationwide.

Purposeful growth is possible. Build your path to success by partnering with Open Desk.

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