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Just like their corporate counterparts, nonprofit entities face a myriad of risks, yet frequently find themselves navigating challenges without proper resources and a dedicated support system to prevent and manage incidents. 

The key to risk prevention lies in proactive vigilance—which can be difficult when your plate is already overflowing with competing, critical priorities. However, neglecting to safeguard your organization can lead to detrimental results; a single incident of fraud or misconduct can tarnish your organization’s reputation, destabilize your financial security, and severely impact your constituents.

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Safer Workplaces · Regulatory Compliance · Staff Satisfaction · Risk Reduction · Improved Accountability

Empower your nonprofit with the resources it needs to not only survive but thrive in today’s unpredictable environment. Open Desk strives to provide your organization with vital support needed to prevent and swiftly respond to these tricky situations. Partnering with nonprofits, schools, and ministries, our goal is to foster secure, welcoming environments throughout your operations.

With custom solutions, including Comprehensive Background Screenings and Incident Management & Investigations, our tailor-made reports are designed to encourage integrity and positivity within your organization.

Prevent unnecessary risk and ensure your mission’s success.
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Did You Know?

A nonprofit’s success is directly linked to recruiting the right people and establishing defined, ethical standards.


Client Testimonial

“I belong to a group of non-profit Volunteer Coordinators who meet monthly to discuss ‘all things volunteers.’ We had a meeting…[on] the topic [of] the vetting process for volunteers and interns. I shared with the group how satisfied SAFEchild is with Open Desk and the amazing customer service you and your team supply.”

Prevention Program and Volunteer Coordinator, SAFEchild


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