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At Open Desk, we’re dedicated to solving the core challenge faced by every organization: acquiring verified information. Whether hiring new team members, verifying claims, assessing suppliers, or performing due diligence, organizations of all sizes require trustworthy data quickly and comprehensively.

Think of us as an extension of your workforce—dedicated, highly-capable, specialists that conduct research based on your specific business needs. From non-core tasks to project-based research and analysis, we provide unbiased facts with a competitive turnaround time so you can make the best business decisions possible.

We provide actionable intelligence to assist businesses with…

Mitigating Risks
Reducing Costs &
Making Informed Decisions

Our information services ensure successfully optimized organizations.

Human Resources



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The Open Desk Advantage
Validated information allows organizations to thrive. We’re here to help.


Utilizing a combination of diverse human resources, cutting edge technology and expert partners, Open Desk delivers fully researched data and solutions, which allows you to swiftly and confidently make informed business decisions.


With access to a near-infinite amount of online information, finding what you need can seem impossible. Our knowledgeable team takes out the guesswork, cutting through the digital noise, to bring you the exact information, and content, that you need.


We are committed to improving your operational efficiency, reducing unnecessary costs, mitigating risk, and delivering the perfect product every time. Our goal is to develop a lasting partnership with your organization and provide meaningful support that will set you ahead in your industry.


Our information is always backed by human insight. Through our in-house research team, the product you receive is guaranteed to be relevant and specific, saving your organization time, money and resources better spent growing your business.

Client Testimonial

“Partnering with Open Desk has proven to save us, and our clients time and money. Their extensive research is delivered timely, and professionally. As of 2022, we attributed a return on investment savings of over $750,000 as a direct result of their professional service offerings.
We consider Open Desk a valued partner in our business.”

Executive, Global Claims Services Firm


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