Who we are

Open Desk is a professional services firm providing
research + database solutions to corporations.


We Support

Hiring, Marketing, Risk Management
and Legal Communities


We Deliver

Comprehensive Social Media and Digital Footprint Reports

With the growing demand for behavioral data and research, Open Desk provides comprehensive, social media insight for the purpose of supporting the hiring, marketing, risk management, and legal communities.

Open Desk's specialty is fact finding.

We utilize the latest technology, paired with in-house analysts to quickly and thoroughly comb through an array of public, open-source layers of data. Analysts also conduct telephone inquiries as an additional means of data verification on a multitude of cases.

Benefits of using open desk

In a rapidly changing business climate, Open Desk provides flexible resources to assist businesses with reducing cost, improving operational efficiencies, increasing employee stability, and managing risk.

Stay informed

As expert researchers, Open Desk uncovers vital information benefiting a wide-variety of professions and industries. Our flexible and neutral researching resources allow businesses to utilize us for overall market analysis, business intelligence, project-specific, or on-going research needs.

Manage supply chains

How well do you really know your vendors and suppliers? Open Desk helps with procurement services including vetting, researching, and monitoring those who represent and/or service your business, resulting in a more confident and transparent business partnership/relationship.

Perform due diligence

The Internet has infinite amounts of information. Open Desk researchers verify facts and data on people, places, and businesses nationwide. This level of research is crucial in providing business leaders with information they need to make sound decisions.

Manage risk

Understanding potential risks saves time and money. Open Desk serves as a neutral party in fact finding, validating, and delivering information and affiliations which minimizes unnecessary risks, fraud, or harm to businesses.

Monitor brand reputation

Market awareness of corporate brands, reputation, and online feedback are critical components to customer engagement. In real-time, Open Desk discovers what customers are saying, what former and current employees are sharing, and how your business’s reputation is perceived in the marketplace.

Reduce administration costs

Corporations often need flexibility to scale up or down based on fluctuations in business. Open Desk provides flexible administrative support which allows your leaders to focus more on driving the business and less on managing administrative tasks. Whether it is following online leads, conducting surveys, performing exit interviews, and/or general administrative support, Open Desk provides open resources to assist in a variety of capacities.









Headquartered in the Raleigh-Durham area, Open Desk serves clients in North Carolina and beyond. Contact us to see how we can help you uncover and verify public online activities, help fulfill your online research objectives, and assist with your administrative tasks.