Verified data empowers informed decision making.

When it comes to insurance claims, reliable and relevant data is essential for ensuring that claims are processed efficiently and accurately. Without access to vetted data, insurance carriers, third-party administrators, and self-insured organizations may struggle to determine the facts around a loss. Additionally, this information needs delivery under a quick turnaround so that no step of the claim verification process or its stakeholders are left waiting.

Dedicated research time is the key element for preventing unnecessary claim payouts or the denial of legitimate ones. However, time spent gathering and verifying research comes at the expense of internal resources better spent on other essential duties.

Methods of Information Gathering:

Social Media Scans · Digital Footprint Acquisition · Criminal Court Record Searchers · Online/Telephonic Verification · Comprehensive Due Diligence

Open Desk understands data’s vitality and exactly how time-consuming accumulating information from open-source pools can be.

While every step of claims management requires labor, Open Desk seeks to alleviate the strain on your organization by taking on the information-gathering task for ourselves and providing you with good and timely data.

Our skilled in-house research team leverages technology, data-gathering tools, and human insight to identify information relevant to specific claims and essential for furthering insurance processes within an efficient timeline.

Did You Know?

43% of insurers view social media analysis as critical for capturing behavioral data. 

Coalition Against Fraud Investigation (March 2019)

Open Desk provides the verified and accurate data your organization needs to make informed decisions and drive claim verification forward. With access to reliable and relevant data, insurance companies can increase their efficiency, reduce their risk of financial loss, and ultimately provide better services to their customers.

Don’t settle for less than the best; contact Open Desk to get started! 

Client Testimonial

“Partnering with Open Desk has proven to save us, and our clients, time and money. Their extensive research is delivered timely, and professionally. As of 2022, we attributed a return on investment savings of over $750,000 as a direct result of their professional service offerings.
We consider Open Desk a valued partner in our business.”

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