Open-source intelligence is 
essential for
legitimacy in legal pursuits.


Open Desk Simplifies Data Gathering.

The amount of content that exists in the public domain is unending. With each day that passes, this massive quantity of information only continues to grow.

Sorting through mountains of disorganized content is incredibly time-consuming. How are law firms supposed to maintain their critical services when hours of crucial time may be spent gathering and verifying public data?

As the demand for behavioral data increases…
Open Desk delivers a wide variety of comprehensive reports that are invaluable for:



Legal Assistants

Regardless of legal discipline,
open-source intelligence provides critical support toward:

Onboarding Clients
Verifying Claims
Identifying Behavioral Patterns
Supporting Litigation
Strengthening Case Research 

Did You Know?

There are 5.07 billion internet users
in the world today.
Source: DataReportal (2022)

Through Open Desk, acquiring qualified and authenticated data is simple. Our dedicated research team is highly-trained and primed to produce relevant, evidentiary, courtroom-ready reports. Utilizing a secure, customized portal, you have full control of the searches you run and the collection and preservation of all sensitive data.

Allow us to do the heavy lifting. Save both time and labor by choosing Open Desk.

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